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What's Electro-Swing? Angus Harrison called it "a pulled pork sandwich shoved down a saxophone." But what does he know anyway!? 

Electro-Swing seems to have begun sometime in the 1990s, and the genre has drawn significant audiences in the last five years or so, especially following the rise of Postmodern Jukebox.

Electro-Swing mixes vintage music from the 1930s and '40s with hip hop and house. Hot Club of Spokane will be performing songs like Sing Sing Sing, Happy Feet, and Swing Brother Swing - from early jazz and the swing era - as well as songs like Put A Lid on It - from the swing revival of the 1990s - all with a nice, fat dance beat.

And no, it's not just a DJ remixing tunes and mashing them up. We'll have a full 7 piece band on stage, performing live.


Here's our first ever music video with a teaser of our "That Man/Sing  Sing Sing" mix:

APRIL 22, 2017 @ the Palomino

Join Hot Club of Spokane at the Palomino on April 22, 2017 for our Electro-Swing debut show! We'll be performing three full sets of Electro-Swing - with a few acoustic numbers scattered throughout the night. Find the event page on Facebook here.

Anna Jo Muhich will be singing lead, and Matt Henson will be our DJ. Matt also plays tenor sax with us, and he wrote most of the arrangements.

The Palomino is a fantastic dance venue in Spokane at 6425 N Lidgerwood. Doors will open at 7:30pm, and the show will start at 8pm. This is a 21+ event - please remember to bring your ID.

Tickets are $7 in advance or $10 at the door.

To buy tickets in advance, navigate to

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